Transforming Trauma into Freedom

On-Site and Online Availability

Welcome To The New Revolution Of Healing Trauma

We are Open and COVID-19 Protocols are in place!

We are open and continuing our much-needed service, and with the pandemic situation as it is, Journey Into Wellness is also conducting business remotely where possible, using collaboration tools such as Skype and Zoom for meetings and video conferencing, so we all stay safe. Plus, when attending the center, please be aware that all required COVID-19 protocols are being followed, for the safety of our clients and our staff.

Thank you.

group healing workshops

Virtual Trauma Release

Package – Online

Heal Your Past. For the first time ever, we are now offering our world’s leading trauma release methods using our proven transformational process – virual and online. Our process uses breakthrough approaches to healing emotional trauma. 

online sessions

 Trauma Recovery

4 Week On-Site

Heal Your Past. Professional On-Site Coaching & Counseling Recovery Treatment For Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, PTSD, Rape and Trauma. Transform Your Life With Our Proven Methods. We are proud to offer this through our signature program at the Miracle Healing Hideaway, near Salmon Arm, British Columbia.

trauma retreats

Trauma Release
5 Day On-Site

Join us at our private retreat center, nestled on the majestic mountain side of the world renowned Shuswap Lake in British Columbia.  Where you will experience intensive healing to free you of your past traumas. (limited spaces)

Trauma Is The Gateway To Addiction And Mental Health Struggles”.

“I was needing a change in my life but didn’t have the tools to bring about the change I needed. I suffered traumatic episodes in my life when I was young that still triggered me consciously and unconsciously. Rosalien and I together used different healing techniques and modalities that were specific to my personal needs. To my surprise I felt immediate shifts in my mind and body. So grateful for the release of bondage I felt emotionally and mentally.  Thank-you Rosalien for your love and guidance. My life is forever changed.”

K. A.

“For many years I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I have had many traumatic events happen over the years and they left me in a world of darkness. I found myself sitting at work unable to do my job. Rosalien provided a private, safe and comforting environment during my stay. My life is now free of the darkness and I feel that I can be myself. Who I truly want to be. I am thankful everyday”

R. P.

“Thank you so much for being an amazing woman. I know that I’m not the only one but You helped me find my way back. I aspire in all that I do to one day impact someone as deeply as you did me. Rosalien you ROCK.”

J. M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to share what my trauma is from?

No.  Even Psychology today has admitted that traditional talk therapy may not work. So by using imagery prompts you are able to process past your trauma in a revolutionary way. 

How long does it take to work?

While results may vary depending on the person and situation, some people experience relief in as little as one session.

What is the difference between your Signature 28-day program vs the 5-day?

The 5-day transformational program is release focused. Our Signature program equips you with additional techniques and tools that simply can’t be covered in 5 days.

Are sessions done individually, or as a group?

Our on-site small group sessions are up to three people. Online sessions are a combination of individual and group. 

Are results permanent?

Yes. Once an emotion is removed from a trauma, it no longer has the same effect on ones mind or body.

Where will I stay during treatment?

We offer both non-residence and residence treatment, providing the flexibility to stay where you feel most comfortable.