This month we’d like to share the story of a recent client with you, in his own words; read on to discover his journey.

I took the Journey into wellness program only because my wife insisted to save our future.  I experienced a series of traumas that changed my life forever and if it wasn’t for the help I received at Journey Into Wellness my life would have turned out differently and not for the better.

It is important to say that the atmosphere at the treatment center played important role in my recovery, however, the knowledge I obtained during my six weeks of being there has changed how I look at my life and how I shape my life going forward.

I thrive to learn, and my experience at the Journey into Wellness treatment center felt more like being in a university but much more intense with overwhelming amount of knowledge packed into my head that has changed my perspective on my personal well-being and discovery of my ability to shape my life. I am open-minded and I would be mistaken to say that I am skeptical towards beliefs or concept of self awareness, however, I not once ever considered such simply because I never needed to, or so I thought.

My background is very strong in understanding fitness and physical construction of the human body and how a mind plays important role in how a body develops and functions. I was able to relate in many ways to the knowledge I received during my treatment – or should I say education – and I could see proof and results during the very first days of my visit. This inspired me to open my mind and discover new and uncharted understanding how our minds and bodies work and how they shape our life.

I have control of my life in ways beyond imagination and the potential for a fulfilling life has suddenly become unlimited. The knowledge you will gain, the knowledge that has taken decades to learn, will give you the tools to change your life forever. And the most amazing thing you will learn and understand is the simplicity of how you have control of your life.

It is unfortunate that something traumatic must occur in our lives to push us into a corner and force us to take this Journey of learning of how we function. Our bodies and minds work as one, one can not be well without the other, and you will learn how important and how simple it is to understand that.

Once you posses that knowledge and understanding you will be able to change yourself and everyone around you for better or worse. You have that power, you just don’t know it.

It is sad that we are not educated in such simple yet so important self perceptions and bio-mechanics in our early adulthood. It is also understandable that it would be hard to learn without the need for such knowledge.

Addiction, Trauma, Depression, health problems, everything that affects your life has an explanation to why it happens, and by taking this Journey into Wellness you will learn and understand the “Why” and “How” and with that knowledge you will gain the power to change all of that, yes, it’s that simple, it’s the knowledge.

Rosalien, the founder of Journey into Wellness has given me that knowledge and changed my life forever.

Thank you Rosalien

Sincerely Yours,


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