What is HTR?

Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR) is a potent energy-healing method that swiftly repairs the trauma associated with our painful memories, even those severe enough to cause PTSD and Complex-PTSD, without the requirement to reveal or discuss any details of your personal trauma.

Many who have experienced other energy/meridian work can attest to the benefits, and energy work is a powerful healer. Unique to HTR, however, is that it uses the entire energy field of the person at once, empowered by the beat of their own heart, creating a new energy field with each beat. Its direct approach may do away with needing years of therapy.

Watch the Video

Find out what Heartbeat Trauma Release, or HTR, actually is. Discover how it works, and how it can help those suffering from the effects of PTSD, emotional trauma, and other symptoms of painful memories.

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