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Rosalien Stagg

“We believe we are here As Love, To Love and Be Love.”

About Journey Into Wellness & Rosalien Stagg.

My name is Rosalien Stagg.

When COVID-19 hit, I was inspired to create an online version of my unique HeartBeat Trauma Release method (HTR) treatment. Due to the widespread reach of the internet, I had the fortune of using it to heal young adults, students, professionals, athletes, business owners, doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, veterans, etc. This treatment has been used for releasing sexual assault and many other traumas.

It all started over 20 years ago, when I started my “journey into wellness” and wholeness. Initially, I became a Registered Herbal Therapist. This training gave me an understanding of herbalism and a taste of how energy plays a huge part in healing. While learning, it was like I was stepping back into the world of being my former deaf child self. Instead of merely focusing on words, I became attuned to energy again. Now, I was able to locate, harness, and diagnose energy that led to negative effects. In an inexplicable way, it was like I was home.

Time went on and I continued my journey. I became a Certified Wellness Counsellor with a Life Skills Background. I worked in the addiction field as an addiction counsellor and also worked with diverse women who came directly from the prison system. I taught them new ways to cope and integrate back into society gracefully. While with the women, I introduced them to my first wellness program. I wove the twelve-step program into my own practice; however, I believed, then just as strongly as now, that trauma is the true gateway to addiction.

During this time, I also began working with T. Harv Eker as a Life Skills Coach then became the outside sales manager. I shared the stage with some of today’s great, including: T.Harv Eker author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Lisa Nichols a motivational speaker, Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Dan Millman writer of Peaceful Warrior and many more of the greats.

On stage with audiences of up to two-thousand people, I felt at home. I had the chance to teach to audiences in LA, New York, Fort Worth, Fort Lauderdale, Montreal, and Vancouver BC.

Furthering my education, I became a Registered Professional Counsellor, and trauma-informed coach. I was required to do twelve hours to keep my certification each year; however, I was doing upwards of two-hundred hours a year. I love what I do! After six years of training, I became a Master Practicing In Clinical Counselling. Eventually, I let my designation go to become a strong advocate as an International Life Coach, and began using trauma releasing methods and helping people move forward.

I continued learning and studying about trauma. My fascination stemmed from the root of my own pain. As both a new single mom and a woman on welfare, I understood the devastating effects of trauma and wanted, with everything in me, to heal myself and subsequently anyone I could.

After years of learning and walking my walk, I purchased a beautiful property in British Columbia, created my “Signature Program”, and started hosting up to two clients at a time at my private wellness treatment centre called Miracle Healing Hideaway. During this time, I focused on addiction and trauma.

Having practiced for many years as a:

  • Certified Wellness Counsellor
  • International Life Coach and
  • Clinical Traumatologist

I was given a new method that is changing lives in phenomenal ways: the HeartBeat Trauma Release method (HTR). Discovering the HeartBeat Trauma Release method has taken my previous successes in working with peoples’ traumas to a level I could not have even imagined. Healing that used to take months and sometimes years is now happening in moments.

Trauma can become a thing of the past. And I look forward to sharing with you how you too can let go of your traumas once and for all on our new HTR portal – OneTrauma.com.

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More on my backstory:

Just as it goes with most lives, living hasn’t always been easy…

I was born deaf and lived that way until the age of five. Although challenging, those five years of disability gave me the ability to hear others in a different, profound way. I learned to read people’s emotions. Their distress and their joy was apparent to me even though I couldn’t hear their words.
At the age of five, my world was changed, for the better and the worse. Surgery gave me the gift of hearing. Unfortunately, during and after the surgery I experienced medical trauma as well as the struggles of not knowing how to deal with my new life.

As a teen, I struggled with Anorexia and addiction. I took steps towards stopping both tendencies when I realized they were controlling my life. In the span of several years, I fell in love and settled down, married (for many years) and had three amazing children.

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