“Trauma is the Gateway to Addiction & Mental Health Struggles”.

At Journey Into Wellness and Miracle Healing Hideaway, we believe past traumas and overly sensitive people may use alcohol and / or drugs to escape their pain. Once a person uses addictive behaviors to cope, there is a pull that exceeds any basic survival instinct. These behaviors becomes stronger and stronger, placing the normal survival instinct on the back burner and killing the human spirit.

To help with addiction, we’ve developed several programs to help people get their lives back:

Addiction Recovery – 4 Week On-Site

Heal Your Past. Professional Online Coaching Recovery Treatment For Sexual Assault, Child Abuse, PTSD, and Trauma. Transform Your Life With Our Proven Methods. We are proud to offer this through our signature program “Miracle Healing Hideaway”.

Trauma Release – 5 Day On-Site

Join us at our private retreat center, nestled on the majestic mountain side of the world renowned Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. Where you will experience intensive healing to free you of your past traumas. (limited spaces)

At the Miracle Healing Hideaway, we believe in giving each guest the opportunity to gain freedom from addictive behaviors and learn how to love and nurture themselves, and these programs to do just that.

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