Everyone, including younger children, can be affected by trauma. Life-threatening events such as car accidents, fires, bullying, sudden illness, death of a family member, crime, abuse or violence can all cause trauma for the child. A young child’s language is still developing, so it is important to look for other clues in their behaviour and the way they play to understand if the trauma has had an effect on them.

Children’s responses can vary, but common reactions you might notice are clingy behaviour. jumpiness, or changes in patterns. The child may start having nightmares, eat differently, use the bathroom irregularly or have trouble paying attention. You might think they have slipped back in time as they begin showing signs of acting like their younger selves and regressing.

You might also notice mood changes. They might not seem to enjoy the same daily routines or activities that they used to like. Some children may become a combination of withdrawn and aggressive, like the young girl we talked about in a previous episode.

If there has been a trauma or if you notice that your child has changed in some way, get curious. Ask yourself if they may have gone through something they are not sure how to deal with. Get curious and stay tuned for ways to help them as we go deeper into trauma knowledge.

At Journey Into Wellness and Miracle Healing Hideaway, we specialize in helping young children to remove the pain from trauma that they’ve experienced. Talk to us and we’ll develop a strategy to help with you child.

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