Today, we’d like to share a few success stories from the valued clients who recently attended Journey Into Wellness and Miracle Healing Hideaway, BC’s premier trauma, addiction, and wellness treatment Center.

If you haven’t already felt the abundance of love from both Rosalien and her Miracle Healing Hideaway, you will soon. Rosalien speaks, shares, listens and loves with her heart. I have never met a woman like her. I have been grateful that my path led me to her. She is empathic, loves helping you learn about yourself and teaches you many things that you can take them with you and keep them in your toolbox. “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost,” I believe this completely. I have learned that my greatest weakness is also my greatest strength. It will be beautiful when you can take your weakness and turn it into something magnificent. – A Previous Guest ~ J.H.

I look back now and I am astonished that all those horrible feelings, the anxiety, and fear had become my norm, I literally was a hollow shell and I just couldn’t see it. This experience connected me again. I have peace and closure, best of all I have ME back and I can be a great mom again! I would highly recommend Roselien to anyone that suffers from any traumas at any level. Don’t question it, JUST DO IT…..and live your life again!!!Sincerely, T.D.

I have long been a skeptic of any treatment or treatment plan, not science based or previously proven to be statistically effective, but I figured I would give Rosalien’s new treatment a try. I entered into the session with no expectations at all. Rosalien gave me one very brief session and I left feeling no different than I had before the session. It was not until several weeks later that I realized there had been a fundamental change in me, a monumental shift in my whole belief system, demeanor and overall sense of being. There really is no other explanation for it given the timing. The old me might say it was just coincidence that I pulled my own head out of my ass right after that session but I now believe differently, and feel quite confident that whatever she did…worked! thank You Rosalien.C.S. – a previous guest.

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