Stay in touch with what’s going on at Journey Into Wellness online!

There are lots of ways to stay abreast of what’s happening at Journey Into Wellness in Salmon Arm, BC. and lot’s of ways to get in touch. Here’s a few:

Journey Into Wellness Website

The Journey Into Wellness site contains info about services such as the Heartbeat Trauma Release method, how it works, and how it can help you get your life back.

Contact details, location, and contact forms are on the Get in touch page.

Miracle Healing Hideaway Website

The Miracle Healing Hideaway site contains a wealth of information about our services, retreats, and programs.

Contact details, location, and contact forms are on the contact us page.


There are blogs on both Miracle Healing Hideaway and Journey Into Wellness websites that contain useful info, client success stories, and videos.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Our social media channels also contain a wealth of information, images, views, testimonials, and feedback. you can contact us through messenger.

Contact us

Call us on 1-877-24Trauma, or email us at

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