Journey Into Wellness Training

HeartBeat Trauma Release (HTR) Training Sessions

Journey Into Wellness are now providing training to those practitioners who’d like to become Heartbeat Trauma Release Specialists.

There are currently two in-house courses available:

  • HeartBeat Trauma Release (HTR) Method (5 days): includes instruction on the theory and techniques of the HTR method.
  • Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR) Specialist (7days): includes instruction on the theory and techniques of the HTR method, as well as its application in real-world environments with a range of clients & symptoms.

The Full, 7-day, Heartbeat Trauma Release Specialist course includes the HTR Method 5-day course, so you do not need to do both to become a specialist; to clarify:

  • If you have not gone through the 5-day trauma release course, the full course is 7 days of training.
  • If you have attended the 5-day trauma release session, the full course is 2-days of training.

Contact Rosalien directly if you wish more information.

Training Session Schedules

Below is a list of our current in-house training sessions:

  • March 22nd – 28th: No spots currently available.

Check back again soon as this page is updated regularly.

Interested in becoming an HTR Specialist?

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