Today, we’d like to give you a high-level overview of our services at journey Into Wellness.

Virtual Online Trauma Release Sessions

Online coaching and wellness counseling sessions are for people who want to try something new or are comfortable interacting online. They are also a very useful option for those who are unable to escape from daily responsibilities, are unavailable during normal office hours or may find an office setting intimidating.

In-Person One-on-One Sessions

1-hour coaching and wellness counseling sessions for people who need 1-on-1 interaction to help them to deal with and get through their tough times.

One-Day Group Trauma Workshops

Where a group of highly motivated employees and professionals, coping with the demands of their roles, come together. They will be given breakthrough approaches to healing trauma, addiction and self-demanding behaviors. They will also be able to release one major trauma. The tools and techniques given will enable them to function better at their jobs.

3 and 5-Day Trauma Retreat Classes

These 3 and 5-day trauma retreat classes teach you to personally use HTR along with other techniques to enhance your self-healing. Generational and inner child wounds are addressed and released. At the end of the sessions you will have new tools helping you to become the person you always desired to be.

4 Week Miracle Healing Hideaway

A Non-Twelve Step or Customized 12-Step Wellness Treatment Center specializing in Trauma, PTSD, Burnout and Addiction. Move beyond old belief systems and focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Treatments used are breakthrough approaches to fighting trauma, addiction, and self-damaging behaviors.

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Trauma Is The Gateway To Addiction And Mental Health Struggles”.

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