We are Open and COVID-19 Protocols are in place!

We are open and continuing our much-needed service, and with the pandemic situation as it is, Journey Into Wellness is also conducting business remotely where possible, using collaboration tools such as Skype and Zoom for meetings and video conferencing, so we all stay safe. Plus, when attending the center, please be aware that all required COVID-19 protocols are being followed, for the safety of our clients and our staff.

Regarding Journey into Wellness Programs

Within the Journey Into Wellness property, there are two, fully equipped, private suites, allowing us to host up to two clients at a time. These suites are cleaned thoroughly, following COVID-19 protocols, with the inclusion of gloves, face masks, and sanitizer.

Online Programs

In order to minimize any potential COVID-19 infection, I was inspired to create an online version of my treatment earlier this year. This treatment can be used for releasing sexual assault, emotional pain, and other traumas. So far, due to the widespread reach of the internet, I’ve had the fortune of using it to heal young adults, students, professionals, athletes, business owners, doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, veterans, etc.

You can also message us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional information.