Journey into wellness and Miracle Healing Hideaway have many success stories; here, we’d like to share just a few with you:

“For many years I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I have had many traumatic events happen over the years and they left me in a world of darkness. I found myself sitting at work unable to do my job. Rosalien provided a private, safe and comforting environment during my stay. My life is now free of the darkness and I feel that I can be myself. Who I truly want to be. I am thankful everyday”

R. P.

“Thank you so much for being an amazing woman. I know that I’m not the only one but You helped me find my way back. I aspire in all that I do to one day impact someone as deeply as you did me. Rosalien you ROCK.”

J. M.

“I was needing a change in my life but didn’t have the tools to bring about the change I needed. I suffered traumatic episodes in my life when I was young that still triggered me consciously and unconsciously. Rosalien and I together used different healing techniques and modalities that were specific to my personal needs. To my surprise I felt immediate shifts in my mind and body. So grateful for the release of bondage I felt emotionally and mentally.  Thank-you Rosalien for your love and guidance. My life is forever changed.”

K. A.

“Rosalien provides a safe place to explore the inner workings of one’s self while her insights gently coach out patterns and realizations that were previously hidden deep within the body and soul. This deep exploration and healing provides relief from the pain and suffering that the tough lessons in life bring forth and provides the clarity needed to move forward. My insights shifted in profound ways during the workshop and continue to evolve in the weeks following. What a welcome change it is to remember and FEEL the inner joy and peace that have been missing in my life for so long. My deep and heartfelt thanks goes out to Rosalien!”

S. A.

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