Are you looking for a way to neutralize your traumatic memories or stress?

Bringing You Back To Life

Are bad, negative, traumatic memories or stress keeping you from becoming the person you desire? Do you struggle with debilitating memories, limiting your potential? Have past experiences sabotaged your dreams and goals?

A unique and innovative and patent pending method to help you to change the way you associate to your memories in a positive way.

Corporate Burnout and Stress

Corporate Burnout can affect all employees, from management, overworked office personnel, to high stress factory workers.

How do you recognize the signs of burnout and begin healing yourself? Sadly, often because of an “I can do everything” personality, people rarely see burnout coming. Recognize signs of burnout. Heal yourself. Stress is not burnout. Burnout comes from stress. Burnout arises when one is overwhelmed, unable to meet life’s demands, or struggling to respond to cultural and environmental stressors in a healthy way.

Corporate burnout experiences include:

  • job depression, dispirited and powerless
  • unable to function adequately
  • without physical, emotional or mental energy
  • bouts of uncontrollable crying
  • unable to face the world
  • unable to process each new stressful experience and becoming overwhelmed.
  • exhaustion, loss of motivation
  • helplessness, anger, resentment
corporate burnout and stress

Corporate burnout can lead to:

  • physical symptoms of adrenal fatigue
  • inadequate customer service
  • digestive and/or sleep disturbances
  • increased employee absenteeism
  • weight gain or loss
  • compromised immune system
  • reduced workplace effectiveness
  • increased accidents
  • nervous breakdown
  • addictive behaviours or substance misuse

Many people are unable to adequately function during a crisis or after excessive stress. Additionally, unhappy work relations can lead to physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual disaster.

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Work with Rosalien at Miracle Healing Hideaway to discover the following wellness solutions to Corporate Burnout

employee burnout and stress

The High Cost of Stress and How it Impacts You

“When people are under chronic stress, they tend to smoke, drink, use drugs and overeat to help cope. These behaviors trigger a biological cascade that helps prevent depression, but they also contribute to a host of physical problems that eventually contribute to early death.”

~ Rick Nauert, PhD, National Institute of Mental Health, 5/2010

At Miracle Healing Hideaway, we believe it is crucial to focus on prevention. Changing unwholesome behaviours can substantially improve one’s health. Our Employee Burnout Healing Center allows employees to recharge and find their optimal work-life balance.

Burnout is increasing as companies, competing with cheap labour supplies from other countries, push employees to produce more in shorter time frames. This is the new normal in the workplace.

Among the 2012 findings:

  • 63% say they have high levels of stress at work, with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control.
  • 39% cite the workload as the top cause of stress.
  • 53% take frequent “stress breaks” at work to talk with others
  • 36% say they just work harder.
  • 46% Almost half, cite stress and personal relationship issues as the most common reason for absences, ahead of medical reasons or care-giving responsibilities.
  • Stress and stress leave costs U.S. businesses roughly $300 billion a year as a result of absenteeism, reduced productivity levels, and employee turnover (Doubled in the last ten years)

Employee Burnout

Are you working harder and longer hours and facing a possible breaking point while your boss isn’t even aware of it?

In today’s struggling economy, many employees are happy to have jobs and don’t want to appear ungrateful. Employees, who give more than 100% and are available 24/7, can be at risk for burnout.

A study of 500 IT administrators from various firms revealed that:

  • 72% of respondents were stressed
  • 67% considered switching careers
  • 85% said their job intruded on their personal life
  • 42% lost sleep over work.

Is this the start of employee burnout?

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in March 2012 that 1.8% of full-time employees (around 2.1 million workers) quit their jobs in the private sectors due to burnout. The rate has made a slow, steady climb since June 2009, a potential sign of encroaching burnout, among many other things.

Many employees, afraid to complain and risk losing their jobs, continue to be overworked. Working in this relentless environment can be devastating over the long-term.

PTSD in Children

Children are often exposed to trauma that brings on symptoms of PTSD.

Events causing PTSD in children can often include:

  • physical abuse
  • sexual assault
  • bullying or peer relationships
  • experiencing or witnessing severe accidents
  • life-threatening illnesses
  • family or community abuse
  • relationships within the family

and more…

These symptoms may show up as issues of:

  • self-esteem
  • school performance
  • sexual behavior (if sexual abuse has happened)
  • emotional and/or mental development
  • depression, anxieties or panic attacks
  • substance abuse
  • eating disorders
  • anger or fears
  • guilt and/or feeling shame
PTSD symptoms in children can include:

  • disturbing memories or nightmares
  • dreams of death
  • negative thoughts about the future
  • acting or lashing out
  • shutting down emotionally
  • fears of re-experiencing traumatic anxiety
  • feeling jumpy or jittery
  • physical aches and pains

Treatment of children’s PTSD involves “talking therapies” including cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, and PTSD coaching therapy.

PTSD in Veterans

Indicators, Management and Recovery for our Veterans:

  • Are you a Veteran struggling to adjust to life since leaving the military?
  • Do you experience panic attacks or easily explode with anger?
  • Do you feel emotionally numb, depressed, suicidal or disconnected from your loved ones?

Many Veterans suffer from these common PTSD experiences.

At Miracle Healing Hideaway, we provide you with techniques to release emotions, stress and trauma. We allow you the opportunity to become happy and whole again. Whether you suffer from Veterans PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, health anxiety, OCD or stress, we use a technique that has helped thousands to recover, not just cope.

  • Mindful Relaxation
  • Anxiety Recovery
  • Redefine Work/Life Balance
  • Skills to Deal with Stress
  • Discover Unhealthy Patterns
  • Work with Strengths
  • Deconstruct to Reconstruct Life
Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

Our custom made, one-on-one wellness program helps you to transition from war zone responses to your pre-war state of balance. We use mindful meditation techniques, PTSD letting-go therapies, and other healing modalities to release the trauma and help you to move forward.

A Program Specifically Just for You

At the Miracle Healing Hideaway, we conduct our services on a one-on-one basis with YOU as our sole focus. This contrasts with treatment facilities which use group work and lectures as a program framework.


Our programs are a mix of therapies, custom designed according to the unique needs of each guest. Our experienced and registered practitioners offer a variety of holistically focused sessions. All programs include coaching and counselling, to enhance success when working with Veterans PTSD and each guest’s presenting issues.

Adrenal Fatigue

Are you suffering from adrenal fatigue and adrenal burnout?

Adrenal burnout is symptomized by constant fatigue, unrelieved by rest and sleep. Low energy impairs every system of the body and toxic emotions accumulate. The world looks bad, other people appear evil, and you feel hopeless. Study the symptoms.

Take some time to take care of you!

When the adrenal glands respond to stress, their hormones raise blood sugar and blood pressure, and promote energy production. When the adrenals become depleted, the body is unable to handle stress. That is why we use adrenaline (or epinephrine) for emergencies.

Adrenal Fatigue or Burnout may be caused by:

  • mental or emotional stress
  • physical stress from chemical toxicity or nutritional depletion
  • spiritual stress
  • financial or family stress

Excessive stress can result from:

  • being overworked
  • fast-paced, high-stress, fear-based lifestyles
  • electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones & towers, televisions, WiFi, microwaves and computers
  • noise

Take some time to relax, unwind and deal with stress in a healthy and positive way.