Today, we’d like to share a few more client success stories from Miracle Healing Hideaway, BC’s premier trauma, addiction, and wellness treatment Center.

After a weekend with Rosalien and releasing emotions around my traumatic accident. I honestly can now say that I feel so free and at ease. All my body pain improved substantially. It is the most amazing feeling. I’m not stressed, I’m not anxious, I’m not waiting for something terrible to happen, I AM AT PEACE!

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you for taking special care of me and helping me overcome so many issues. I highly recommend that everyone should give themselves this gift

– A Previous Guest ~ N.V.

Rosalien guided me through a few steps to get rid of the pain. With acknowledging my pain, thanking it, and asking if it would go, the pain left my body. I was amazed and a little in shock. I could not believe it. I am now pain-free. I can sleep on the same side of my body at night, and I am able to workout again without being in excruciating pain. I feel strong mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I feel more like the real me than I ever have. I truly feel blessed to have gone to Miracle Healing Hideaway.

This experience will always stand out as a pivotal changing point in my life.”

Sincerely, J.H.

I had a great experience at Miracle Healing Hideaway. The intensive one to one counselling sessions were absolutely the kind of support I needed to begin and continue my journey to finding myself again and returning to my healthy, happy self. I loved the multifaceted approach of the curriculum, which was very beneficial to ensuring that all of the issues I was experiencing would be addressed. I was able to learn and take with me many tools and techniques to addressing the challenges I face on a daily basis. Rosalien was very knowledgeable, kind comforting and patient. I appreciated the privacy that I had while dealing with one of the most difficult times of my life – without other people around or others knowing about where I was, what I was doing or even knowing why I was where I was. As I prepare to leave, I feel I have so much more confidence. I believe that I have the tools and the ability to overcome any challenges that I may face in the future.

I would recommend Rosalien and Miracle Healing Hideaway to anyone looking to make positive changes and wanting to receive support with any area of their life.

P.F. – a previous guest.

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