Online Trauma Coaching & HTR Method.

When coming to an office isn’t an option.

Online counseling, coaching and wellness sessions are for people who want to try something new or are comfortable interacting online. They are also a useful option when one is unable to escape from daily responsibilities, get away from work, or if if you find an office setting intimidating.

Rosalien believes that automated technology should not replace face-to-face communication. New technologies can integrate traditional wellness counseling or coaching with modern lifestyle and expectations.

As our online guest, you will receive professional coaching and wellness counseling using your computer, tablet or mobile phone from where ever you are the most comfortable.

Rosalien has been on a journey for many years, learning how to help others dealing with trauma, old hurts, and wounds. She has been given a gift of being able to release even PTSD in one session. Now, by proving online counseling sessions, she can help even more people with her Heart Beat Trauma Release Method.

How Does It Work? Why Does It Work? When Does It Work? What Makes It Work? Who Makes It Work? And Will It Work For Me?

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