Heal Your Past. We are now able to offer the world’s leading trauma release methods using our proven transformational process online via Zoom or Skype. Our process uses breakthrough approaches to healing emotional trauma.

What is HeartBeat Trauma Release?

HeartBeat Trauma Release (HTR) is an energy-healing method that repairs the trauma associated with painful emotional memories, even those severe enough to cause PTSD.  HTR is a very effective trauma healing method that works quickly, thoroughly, and effectively, without the patient having to reveal or discuss any details of their personal trauma.

Can HeartBeat Trauma Release be Used Online?

Yes, HTR can be as effective in an online setting as it is in an in-person situation. In an online or in-person HTR session, you’ll discover:

  • how to release the emotions connected to any specific sexual or emotional trauma.
  • why spending time with traditional counselors is the wrong strategy to use in dealing with a specific trauma.
  • how to tell the difference between a traditional counsellor and a trauma release specialist.
  • how trauma is the gateway to using substances and can open yourself to other negative behaviors.
  • the secret to releasing your symptoms and find out who you are, without trauma continuing to ruin your life.

Find out more about HTR and online sessions in this short video:

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