Online Trauma Release Sessions

Remote wellness.

Online Trauma Coaching & HTR Technique…

…when coming to an office isn’t an option.

Online coaching and wellness counselling sessions are for people who want to try something new or are comfortable interacting on-line. Also, a useful option when one is unable to escape from daily responsibilities or finds an office setting intimidating.

Rosalien believes that automated technology should not replace face-to-face communication. New technologies can integrate traditional wellness counselling or coaching with modern lifestyle and expectations.

As our on-line guest, you will receive professional coaching and wellness counselling using your computer, tablet or mobile phone where you are comfortable.

These live sessions are interactive communications that enable you to speak with your coach in a relaxed, completely confidential, on-line environment.

We use the latest in coaching techniques, including “content free” coaching intervention sharing and  energy therapies to release trauma. These techniques help you work through emotional blocks and belief systems that are holding you back, allowing guests to stay grounded amidst negative, sad or traumatic experiences.

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Who can benefit from participating in Freedom From Emotional Trauma Online Sessions?

If you or someone you know…

  • Been In a serious accident or fire
  • Been physically or sexually assaulted
  • Witnessed a serious injury
  • Had a loved one die and are struggling with it
  • Spent life tucking away painful  memories and traumatic events from your past just so you could get through each day
  • Found it difficult to forgive or blame others, or yourself or feel guilty
  • Who feels they just are not enough
  • Had nightmares or flashbacks about events

Some symptoms of unresolved Trauma include...

  • Anxiety during normal situations
  • Ongoing and chronic depression
  • Addictions such as: eating disorders, alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, shopping etc.
  • Bad memories, flashbacks or night terrors
  • Health issues such as physical, mental and social
  • On constant guard or startled easily
  • Wonder why you feel the way you do

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