Can you even imagine a life without reliving childhood hurts, emotional pain or PTSD?

Most people can’t; this is where we can help.

My name is Rosalien Stagg and I’m a Clinical Traumatologist, Certified Wellness Counselor, International Life Coach and a HeartBeat Trauma Release Specialist, working out of the Shuswap in beautiful BC.

As a trauma-informed coach, I have worked within the mental health industry for many years and have noticed the negative and sobering hopelessness that the industry spreads to people who are struggling with PTSD. The industry is still sharing and spreading old advice and techniques that is no longer relevant or effective, and is not allowing sufferers to heal.

Journey Into Wellness is here to change that. I am here to share a new paradigm – a new approach and method to mental health – that can release an emotional trauma, pain or hurt in one session.

Coping with PTSD

The truth is, we do not have to cope with PTSD. Coping doesn’t heal or release the root cause of the problem. The HeartBeat Trauma Release method used by Journey Into Wellness can help you heal your PTSD once and for all.

The full recovery plan works successfully every time. No matter what, or where, your PTSD or emotional pain comes from, the method releases the emotion attached to the memory, allowing you to move on and live your life to the full.

Proven Recovery from Emotional Pain

Today’s society seems to beleive that PTSD, emotional pain and hurt breaks a person forever, but this is no lnger true. Just like the human body rushes to heal itself when damaged, so does the mind. PTSD springs from traumatic thoughts and emotions, and when that thought or emotion is released, the brain rushes to heal itself, just like the body. Using techniques such as the HeartBeat Trauma Release method, Journey Into Wellness will help you release beliefs that are holding you hostage and preventing you from healing, and then create new ones that allow your to move forward.

Some may say ‘No Way! It’s not possible to heal from PTSD like this!’

At Journey Into Wellness, and Miracle Healing Hideaway, we’ve seen it happen. People with PTSD, hurts and emotional pains can heal. They are not broken or unfixable for ever. And we have testimonials from many clients who have successfully used our program.

A Retreat for Mental Health

Join me in a 5-day retreat at our Miracle Healing Hideaway mental health facility in Tappen, near Salmon Arm in BC, where you will not only release emotional traumas, pains or hurts, but will also free yourself from generational traumas and create new belief systems to help you move forward in your life.

What are you waiting for – your life is waiting for you!!

Testimonials have been given where people have shared where they have finally let go of their night terrors, healed from overwhelming anxiety, released sexual assault traumas, disconnected from abandonment issues, worked through childhood emotional neglect and many other scenarios, with no relapses or re-occurring symptoms whatsoever. The most amazing thing is you do not have to relive or step back into the root of your traumas to heal them!

PTSD healing on Skype
3 nd 5 day healing retreats.

Here’s What You’ll Discover when you come to our 5 day Retreats:

  • How to heal and recover even if you don’t believe “full recovery” is possible
  • The technique that releases the cord connected to the trauma
  • How beliefs hold us back and how to create new ones
  • How generational trauma can hold us back without us even knowing it

If you are tired of believing there is no way out or that you are broken, then this is for YOU.

“Rosalien provides a safe place to explore the inner workings of one’s self while her insights gently coach out patterns and realizations that were previously hidden deep within the body and soul. This deep exploration and healing provides relief from the pain and suffering that the tough lessons in life bring forth and provides the clarity needed to move forward. My insights shifted in profound ways during the workshop and continue to evolve in the weeks following. What a welcome change it is to remember and FEEL the inner joy and peace that have been missing in my life for so long. My deep and heartfelt thanks goes out to Rosalien!”
S. A.

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