Journey Into Wellness has a a couple of special promotions happening this season; read on to find out more!

First, our Veteran’s offer:

supporting our veterans

Working with our veterans

Journey Into Wellness are proud to support our veterans, current or former members of the CAF or RCMP, or family members, to improve well-being by helping to work through past traumas.

We’re offering our veterans a very special price – only $200 for a Breakthrough Heartbeat Trauma Release session.

Book your session below! Complete the short form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to set up a time and a date.

Note that you must enter your veteran’s ID number in order to be eligible for the special rate.

Veteran’s Promo: Find Out More.

5 Shifts of Preparation for a Trauma Release Session

5 Shifts

Now our ‘5-Shifts Course’. If you’re skeptical about how your trauma can be released from your body and mind in one session, this new session called ‘the 5 Shifts course’ is for you.

Currently priced at $29.95, it contains the 5 shifts of preparation for a trauma release session. You can check out this outline of what’s involved below.

Shift 1 – Feeling Safe With Trauma

  • Shift 1 Welcome Video (personal message)
  • Shift 1 Sketch Video
  • How Safe Do You Feel?
  • Some Practices To Help You Feel Safe
  • What Is Your A.C.E. Score?
  • What Are A.C.E’s?
  • Why Do I Need To Know About A.C.E.’s?
  • Writing Morning Pages
  • Why Has Counselling Not Worked?
  • Shift 1 Podcast – Trauma Tips 11: Feeling Safe When Trauma Hits
  • Shift 1 Meditation: A Feeling Safe Self-Guided Meditation
  • Test Your Knowledge – Shift 1
  • Shift 1 Zoom Call

Shift 2 – Reclaim Your Health Before It’s Too Late

  • Shift 2 Welcome Video (personal message)
  • Shift 2 Sketch Video
  • Wellness Wheel Questionnaire
  • Balancing My Spiritual Self
  • Balancing My Mental Self
  • Balancing My Emotional Self
  • Balancing My Physical Self
  • How Stress Affects The Body
  • So How Stressed Are You?
  • Shift 2 Podcast: Trauma Tip #1 – The Body’s Response to Energy
  • Shift 2 Meditation: Heal Your Body Self-Guided Meditation
  • Test Your Knowledge – Shift 2
  • Shift 2 Zoom Call

Shift 3 – Release Negative Beliefs and Learn to Trust

  • Shift 3 Welcome Video (Personal Message)
  • Shift 3 Sketch Video: Trauma Transcendence
  • Possible Core Beliefs Surrounding Trauma
  • Exploring My Possible Beliefs Surrounding Trauma
  • Problem Solving Negative Beliefs
  • Tricky Family Questionnaire
  • How Stubborn Are You?
  • Discovering Your Top 3 Core Beliefs
  • Do I Trust Myself and Others?
  • Shift 3 Podcast: Trauma is Subjective
  • Shift 3 Meditation: Releasing Old Beliefs to Heal
  • Test Your Knowledge – Shift 3
  • Shift 3 Zoom Call

Shift 4: Introducing the HTR Method

  • Shift 4 Welcome Video (Personal Message)
  • Shift 4 Sketch Video: Interweaving the Golden Thread
  • What Is Energy Psychology?
  • How Do I Know If I Have Personal Strength?
  • What Is PTG?
  • How Do I Identify Blocked Emotions?
  • Introducing the HTR Method
  • Shift 4 Podcast: How To Support Someone Going Through Trauma
  • Shift 4 Meditation: Weaving The Golden Thread
  • Test Your Knowledge – Shift 4
  • Shift 4 Zoom Call

Shift 5: What If You Don’t Heal Your Trauma?

  • Shift 5 Welcome Video (Personal Message)
  • Shift 5 Sketch Video: Invest In An Expert
  • What Might Happen If I Don’t Heal My Trauma?
  • What If Trauma Is Left Unhealed?
  • How Do I Support Someone Going Through Trauma?
  • How Do I Support Myself Through Trauma?
  • Pro’s and Con’s of Healing Trauma
  • Motivations For Healing My Trauma
  • Shift 5 Podcast: Trauma Screaming Back At Us
  • Shift 5 Meditation: Surrendering To Move Forward
  • Test Your Knowledge – Shift 5
  • Congratulations! Next Steps…

And of course, you book the course directly on this page:

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