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Welcome To The New Revolution Of Healing Trauma

Journey Into Wellness are proud to announce, for a limited time only, a special Summer sale promotion!

Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR) Online Session Packages, now available at an attractive discounted rate $199, as opposed to the usual price of $1,997!

This offer is only available until July 31st 2021, so make sure that you book yours now!

Introductory Session Package

One online HTR session

$1997  $199

Note: In order to qualify for the heavily discounted price of $199, you are required to submit a review to us within 2-days of completing your Introductiory Session, otherwise, the standard price of $1,997 will be payable immediately.

This offer is only available until July 31 2021, so make sure that you book yours now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to share what my trauma is from?

No. All our sessions are all content free. Meaning you do not need to share your trauma in order to free yourself of it.

How long does it take to work?

While results may vary depending on the person and situation, some people experience relief in as little as one session.

Can I experience relief on my own

While attending our workshops, you will be taught techniques that will enable you to treat yourself.

Are sessions done individually, or as a group?

Sessions can be done individually, or as a group in our workshops. The same principles are utilized for both treatment types.

Are results permanent?

Yes. Once an emotion is removed from a trauma, it no longer has the same effect on ones mind or body.

Where will I stay during treatment?

We offer both non-residence and residence treatment, providing the flexibility to stay where you feel most comfortable.