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I know this not a goodbye for many reasons, but I just felt like I wanted to say a few things. Thank you for kindness and allowing me to experience those safe and wonderful feelings when It came to my self expression – you are the only person so far in my journey that has truly seen me for me and that’s a kind of gratitude I can’t put into words – Thank you for your generosity and humor. I haven’t laughed so much in such a long time. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and express things I pushed down because people made me feel it was invalid. Thank you for the adventures and opening my eyes to nature again. Thank you for support, wisdom and compassion, you make this experience one I will forever cherish and strive to be the person we both know I am. Thank you for hugs and your immensely beautiful advice. I only wish I had a friend like you that I could see regularly because your energy makes my heart smile,  and you radiate so much passion and love. I am so grateful I chose to come here and I can’t wait to hear how many more lives you change, because you changed mine and that is something I will never forget. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You taught me boundaries are great, people will get mad because they’ve been crossing them for too long, also to enjoy the beautiful unique climb everywhere it takes me.

Thank you

P.S.: You can’t convince someone of their own self worth but you can show them love and show them how it is to be treated with value and the value they have, you did that for me. 


I have nothing but admiration, and gratitude for Rosalien and the work she does. I spent one month in her Hideaway this winter, learning and growing in the most comfortable space that felt like home. She saved my life; I had finally found the safe space and person I had been searching for.

I was 28 years old and had spent shy of a decade addicted to prescribed opioid replacement and relapsing back to heroin and then fentanyl.  I had a home, a job, good friends and family, but still using. I had so much to be grateful for, yet still unable to fully change. It had been a long dark road that left me carrying a lot of shame, sadness and deep down a sense of worthlessness. I would use alone to bury my emotions and get through the day. Through the years I made honest attempts at sobriety, going to meetings and attending two AA based treatment stays. When I would sober up my insecurities and triggers from traumas would uncontrollably bubble to the surface, and my walls would shoot up making the large treatment center hard for me; My heart would race, my words muddled, I didn’t feel safe speaking in groups about these things never said outload before. I remember leaving treatment feeling deflated, like we never reached close to the roots. I felt lost in the shuffle of the 50 plus patents and felt that I would never be free of this diseased mind. I dreamed to find something more that made sense to me. I needed something different, or I was going to die that way.

Then I found Rosalien who came highly recommended. She felt different from the start, our talks over the phone were already giving me a taste of what I was in for. My time at her Hideaway was nothing short of a full psychic shift in thinking. The wealth of knowledge she brought to her classes energized me, I finally felt like I was learning tools that could last, and I felt understood. Her healing techniques were clearing out my self-destructive patterners and allowing my mind to see to new possibilities; My body felt different, my mind felt less clouded, with each session I was able to reach a new understanding and love for myself. Rosalien taught me that I could be the facilitator of my life, that I could rewrite the input I was unconsciously polluting myself with. She guided me in letting go of my traumas, taking the time to explain the whats whys and how’s. Her guided sessions have altered my life forever. She wasn’t treating my addiction; She was treating the person it had taken over. My one toxic coping skill was laid to rest. My mind was not diseased, it was sick, and because of Rosalien’s dedication, all the work I put into her incredible program, and the safeguards that I carry on today, I have so much to lean on now, using is truly a thing of past.

I remember thinking that one on one would be too intense, and that being alone would be hard. But it the opposite. I had time to connect with myself, practice healthy habits. In my free time it was truly like being at home; I would cook yummy meals, clean up after myself, go for hikes in the mountains, talk on the phone, or just watch TV and nap, it was up to me! This made the transition home incredibly easy, there was no bubble of a traditional treatment setting that felt very jarring in the past.

I am 29 years old now, 4 months clean sober and happy since leaving Salmon Arm.  I am prepared for life’s ups and downs. My communication and boundary skills have improved, and I am being kind and gentle with my continued healing. My family and I have nothing but love for Rosalien and the work she has dedicated her life too. Miracle Healing Hideaway has a very special place in my heart. I have recommended a friend to Rosalien, who has since come home, and has felt a major shift in his thinking, the light is back in his eyes! Thank-you for being the light I needed in my journey Rosalien; This is truly to the roots therapy. Forever in my thoughts and prayers.

Love Syd.

A good friend told me of this amazing person who may be able to help me release old traumas and grief holding me back in life.

I contacted Rosalien and immediately felt she was a kind, caring and compassionate soul. In one online session, she helped me work through and release many years of past trauma, grief, fear and confusion. At the end of our session, I felt a weight lift from my shoulders, and lightness throughout my body. The next morning I woke with a sense of excitement for the day, rather than the usual humdrum feeling for the day ahead.

Rosalien is ‘real’. She has amazing energy. She is compassionate yet professional in her quest to help people, she is gentle yet funny, patient yet firm. She made me feel secure, safe and loved through the entire process. Quite honestly, for working through a lifetime of hurts, and for drawing raw and new emotions ‘from the vault’, it was a rather pleasant experience. Perhaps I feel this because of the outcome, and that now I have the tools to look back on the tough times objectively as an observer.
Rosalien, I am so grateful to you! Your unique coaching has very much transformed my trauma into freedom. I thank you with all my heart.


I have been living with intense pain inside my chest for over 20 years. I suffered traumatic events and struggled to let go of my past for years. Flashbacks of painful memories came up for me every single week, and I would be stuck inside my house crying for days.

I was very sceptical about trying this online zoom meeting. I thought to myself, how could a one hour session cure years and years of painful traumatic memories? I didn’t believe it was possible to detach my emotions from these memories.

Now I can believe it. Honestly, it’s a miracle and I am still in shock that I can talk about my past without getting emotional. I feel like I had a breakthrough and have been born a new person. Someone who lives without pain. And I didn’t even have to talk about my trauma!

I am extremely grateful and happy that I took the leap of faith and did this session with Rosalien. I feel amazing!!

Thank you so much for this amazing gift you have given me. It has changed my life!! 


Thank you Miracle Healing Hideaway! Thank you for your unique approach and understanding of complex trauma!!!!

I was diagnosed with CPTSD, and traditional counselling/ therapy was not sufficient and often ended up worsening my symptoms because of my complexity. ❤️  I would leave sessions and it would take days for my body to calm down.

Thank you for your in depth understanding of trauma, your knowledge and expertise and ability to hold space for every little traumatized piece of me, the past 28 days has changed my life. The heartbeat trauma release method is a game changer for all trauma, but especially complex traumas!

That, combined with the over 100 hours of group sessions/ 1-1 coaching combined with the other modalities the centre uses brought me from active CPTSD, to a space where I am moving towards Post Traumatic Growth!!!

Thank you so much Rosalien & Journey into wellness!


I was stuck in the past with abuse and lots of trauma. I did the course and now I cannot believe it; my life is positive and everyday I think about today and tomorrow. The past is the past!

Since I’ve moved on, my live is great and I don’t hesitate to stand for myself.

Thank you so much to these ladies that created this program, It worked and I am a happy person. It truly works!


I’ll start by sharing that my son died. That very same day a part of me died with him. I lived in my grief for 5 years. I thought I was doing okay, I was just sad a lot. After some time I realized that I wasn’t happy. I did my best but I still wasn’t there and so I kept searching for what would make my heart somewhat functionable.

Then I found HTR and Cheryl Sager. She didn’t need me to share all the details of what happened but she showed me a new path to healing. The only one that I can say worked. I typed this without any tears! I would never have been able to do that before Cheryl and HTR. I can now talk about my son without hurting so badly and appreciate him the way I was longing for, for so many years. So much time has past since he passed away but at the same time it feels like yesterday.

I only wish I found Cheryl and HTR sooner so my heart could have started loving sooner. I can also say it out loud and to other people, without tears, that I forgive my son!!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!