The Affects of Abuse

Physical and mental abuse affect people in so many, far reaching ways, that drill down into every aspect of your life. The emotional trauma that results from abuse leaves you struggling with unpredictable and uncontrollable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships, heightened anxiety and stress, and even physical ailments. What’s more, these symptoms live on throughout your life, and control you, making it difficult or almost impossible to live a normal, healthy life. And it affects those around you too – your family, friends, and colleagues, making them feel helpless and driving them away.

Trauma attaches itself to emotions, such as anxiety, abandonment, loneliness, fear, stress, and can develop into PTSD. Then, when certain triggers arise, these emotions reassert themselves, taking over your life.

Emotional and sexual trauma hijacks our memories, beliefs, and emotions.

Through our specialized Heartbeat Trauma Release Method, Journey Into Wellness offers the gift of being able to help release traumatic symptoms attached to any sexual trauma, assault, or emotional trauma.

The Cost of Addiction.

At Miracle Healing Hideaway, we realize that people with past traumas or over-sensitivity often turn towards alcohol and/or drugs to escape their pain. Once a person uses addictive behaviour to cope, the pull of the addiction exceeds any basic survival instinct, leading to an upward spiral of the addiction, and a downward spiral in their quality of life.

These behaviours becomes stronger and stronger, placing the normal survival instinct on the back burner and killing the human spirit. Just one drink or hit can take the pain away, even for a short time. but after developing strong habits, addicts believe that they are powerless to end their substance abuse. And of course, the threat to the general health and well-being of the addicted person is enormous, resulting in depression, illness, and even possibly death.

Making the Change

Some understand, however, that they do have a choice and, in a powerful burst of self-determination, quit drinking or using altogether.

And when the addict makes the final decision to turn away from their destructive behaviour, the person begins to focus on the benefits of freedom, and the horrors of being chained to the substance.

This builds their own morals and values, strengthening self esteem and self worth, overcoming the addictive behaviour.

And we can help you get there. Our residential specialized programs, combined with the use of the Heartbeat Trauma Release Method, can dramatically increase your quality of life, boosting your physical and mental health, and allowing you to leave behind both the addiction and the emotional trauma that led to substance abuse in the first place.

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