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Rosalien Stagg

My name is Rosalien Stagg. Having practiced for many years as a Certified Wellness Counselor, International Life Coach and Clinical Traumatologist, I discovered a new method that is changing lives in phenomenal ways: the HeartBeat Trauma Release method (HTR).

As a Soul Link™ Practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, Reiki Master, Psych-K Facilitator, Emotion Code Practitioner and Registered Herbal Therapist, my life passion has been about releasing trauma and creating wellness. HTR allows me to do that better than ever before.

Discovering the HeartBeat Trauma Release method has taken my previous successes in working with peoples’ traumas to a level I could not have even imagined. Healing that use to take months and sometimes years is now happening in literally moments.  I truly believe Trauma can become a thing of the past. And I look forward to sharing with you how you too can let go of your traumas once and for all.

“We believe we are here As Love, To Love and Be Love.”

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