If I told you that trauma is the gateway to addictive behaviors, along with mental struggles, would you believe it?

If you sat back and truly asked yourself, why do I do the things I do? Could you trace them back to the first 7 years of your life? Is it possible to trace them back to generational struggles in your parents or grandparents?

I just want to share this very personal belief that I hold: I absolutely believe that with the right support, structure, and with the right people around us, we can fully recover from our trauma, heal our health, get back our energy and be the amazing person we want to be in this world. There is a reason why top athletes and performers all have coaches!

Here at Journey Into Wellness, we guide and encourage you to work with your traumas and release the emotions and feelings associated with distressing or disturbing events AKA traumas, that have hurt your soul.

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