Get your life back with a Journey Into Wellness trauma retreat or group workshop.


Come and relax, recharge and let go of traumas that may be holding you back from experiencing life. Enjoy a spectacular hike up the mountains behind you or a walk on the shore of the Shuswap Lake in front of you. This full-service center accommodates 1 to 3 people maximum and is located in the heart of the Shuswap in B.C., Canada. Discover what it is like to release trauma and connect back into your happy place. Using the HBTR, you will learn valuable tools to engage in life in a positive and productive way.  Our 3 & 5 day retreats provide you with the skills and resources to begin to become the best you can be.


Within these customized group oriented workshops your participants are given breakthrough approaches to fighting trauma, addiction and self-damaging behaviours. They will be given the newest tools and techniques to release emotions connected to traumas, build self-esteem and much much more. During class time they will have the opportunity to release at least 2 major traumas that have haunted them in their lives. “HTR is Changing the Hearts of Therapy”

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