We are now planning HeartBeat Trauma Release (HTR) training to mental health professionals who’d like to become a Journey Into Wellness Heartbeat Trauma Release Method Specialist.

Sessions are being scheduled for October and November 2022.

To be certified as a HTR method Specialist, a candidate needs to:

  • Attend the HeartBeat Trauma Release (HTR) Method course of 5 days
  • Attend two additional Heartbeat Trauma Release (HTR) Specialist days for a total of 7 days’ training

A breakdown of what the course covers can be found on the training page.

Once the both sections of the course have been completed successfully, you’ll be certified as a Heartbeat Trauma Release Method Specialist.

Contact Rosalien Stagg at Journey Into Wellness directly if you’re interested in becoming one of our specialists, and working to help our clients improve their lives.